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16 December 2014

Students undertake fieldwork in Salling

During the autumn semester a group of master students has been doing fieldwork as part of the neoculturation project. The fieldwork was carried out in and around Skive in collboration with Prof. Thomas Højrup. It was in this region that the first life-mode analysis were undertaken, and the fieldwork have been focused on how different life-modes have handled the developments and changes in the area since the 1980s.

Among other things, the fieldwork have been directed towards the furniture industries, where international compettition and technological change have been constant, but also changed working relations in surprising ways. 

Read the report here

New technology have made it possible to brew beer commercially in a so-called micro-scale. In this way microbreweries is one example of how recent developments in technology have opened up new opportunities for self-employment. Other examples from the fieldwork witness that technological developments also have changed  work relations and content in the more traditional furniture indutry.