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Lecture on workers in Europe

05 May 2014

Niels Jul Nielsen lectures on "Workers in Europe - from Stardom to Marginalization" in Spain.

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Field trip to China

24 April 2014

In March and April 2014 the project team visited China on a research trip to learn about and see the globalization at work in China. The research trip was organized in collaboration with the Fudan University in Shanghai.

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Fieldwork in Salling

29 January 2014

In January, 2014 was kickstarted with a joint fieldwork expediton to Salling, the region where the 1970s project was carried out. 

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Work across Europe

04 November 2013

Together with Centre for Modern European Studies our research group hosted a workshop in Edinburg called "Work across Europe". In the workshop we discussed changes in working life and for different kinds of workers in Europe. 

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Funding the future of Spanish fisheries

14 October 2013

On October the 14th Jeppe Høst participated as a speaker in a workshop in the Spanish Parliament on the future development of Spanish fisheries.

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Migrant workers and family patterns

13 August 2013

Appearing on national radio, Niels Jul Nielsen comments on family patterns and strategies among migrant workers.

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SIEF Congress 2013 - The parliament of crisis: the saving of the European market and its effects

29 June 2013

In the SIEF Congress 2013 we participated with two papers in a session on Europeanisation. 

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The worker between practice and ideology: 1850-2000

21 June 2013

Niels Jul Nielsen has an article in Kulturstudier, vol. 1 2013. See English summary here.

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60,000 meet to discuss politics and democracy

17 June 2013

We were at 'Folkemødet', a People's Forum, gathering politicians, NGOs, lobbyists and around 60,000 civilians over four days.

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Keynote at "Global and transnational labor history"

26 April 2013

Niels Jul Nielsen was keynote speaker at the conference "Global and transnational labor history" in Landskrona, Sweden, 25th of April.

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