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After Brexit: Listen to The European Workers

14 September 2016

Taking it’s point of departure in the recent Brexit it is discussed how an integration of the foreign workers on the national labour market can be successful if the social partners play an active part in the process. 

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Settling migrants - why and how?

21 May 2016

Research on migrants presented at conference in Aalborg.

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Visiting scholars from "Transformation network"

12 May 2016

PhD Seminar - visit from 28 PhD students and their supervisors 

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New book: Market-based fisheries management

14 August 2015

Study shows fishing sector transformed by quota privatization in 2007.

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Archive updated

14 April 2015

We have put a number of new and old texts in the archive, which reflects the lifemode-analysis debates over the years. 

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Students undertake fieldwork in Salling

16 December 2014

During the autumn semester a group of master students has been doing fieldwork as part of the neoculturation project.

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A contextual explanation

16 October 2014

Professor Højrup contributes with chapter on Life-Mode Analysis in new book: Anthropological Perspectives. Tools for the Analysis of European Societies

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Nordic ruralities - Reconfiguring the local

08 September 2014

Panel on rural lifemodes and food producers at the 3rd Nordic Conference for Rural Research. 

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Social Contexts

30 May 2014

Professor Thomas Højrup spoke at the Social Context conference, recounting the tale of how a fishing community struggles to avoid being stripped of access to its resources.

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The Worker and the Labour Movement

10 May 2014

Niels Jul Nielsen lectured at the Labour Historical Festival on the Workers’ Museum in Copenhagen. 

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